Friday, 10 August 2007

7. Handsome Henry (II)

As planned, leading candidate Handsome Henry came to dinner. Having passed the preliminary testing stage (lunch with me) it was time for round 2, meeting Sarah.

I'd briefed her on his mild nature, handsome looks, suitable age and clean bill of health. What I'd forgotten to mention were his political leanings.

"Why didn't you tell me he was a Tory?" hissed Sarah when I nipped to the kitchen for a cork screw.
"Well he can't be that right wing if he wants to donate us sperm!" I argued,
"He's a member of the Tory party!"
"I didn't know that!"
"What? You didn't check?"
"No Sarah, I was too busy checking for hereditary traits."
With the biggest scowl I've seen since I refused to remove a particularly ferocious spider from the bath, she tossed her hair and returned to the dinner table.

Although the remainder of the dinner was polite, it was clear that Sarah had already made her mind up and no amount of stories about Henry's mother's homemade jam were going to make any difference.

"Sorry" I mouthed, as we showed him to the door. He looked at me and gave a disinterested shrug. Perhaps he wasn't quite as sensitive as I first thought.

Pros: in good health; handsome; happy to help; appears not to have own agenda.
Cons: conservative; Sarah doesn't like him; doesn't look much like Sarah.

Verdict: Not suitable.

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Anonymous said...

Adoption studies have shown that political leanings are completely heritable and not at all based on upbringing. Tory parents only have Tory babies. FACT.