Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Candidate # 2 - Our mate Andy

At first Andy seemed like the perfect donor. He's handsome, he's got a PhD in mathematics and, while we'll always be friends, he's moving to Spain is a few months so he won't be hanging around trying to tell us how to raise our baby.

Ever since we've known Andy we've all joked together about one of us having his baby. He's unlikely to raise his own children because he just can't see himself settling down but he'd happily be a donor for a couple he knew would love and cherish their baby.

So why aren't we doing our thing with the turkey baster? Well, for one thing, Andy is almost entirely bald (at 23), but more importantly, he has Type I diabetes. Whilst, as far as we can work out, this only leaves Andy's offspring with a 4-8% chance of developing it, that's significantly more than the base rate of 1-2%. Were I in a relationship with Andy, it'd be a risk I'd be willing to take but given that we have the option of hunting for another donor, that's what we're going to do. Andy completely understood.

Pros: bloody gorgeous; trustworthy; prepared to allow us control.
Cons: type I diabetes; male pattern baldness

Verdict: Not suitable.


d said...

you say bald as if it's a bad thing!

Rae said...

just wanted to let you know that genes for baldness come from the mom's side. so, you should look at your father, brother, etc. for that