Monday, 17 September 2007

A website designed for people like us

Co-Parent match is a website that helps people to find suitable donors and co-parents. Naturally, we decided to take a look.

After signing up (which was pretty straight forward) we were taken to a search screen where we input whether we were single or a couple, our sexuality and type of person (or couple) that we're looking for. We were also given the option to restrict our search to a chosen location. Unfortunately we couldn't get the search to display any results.

However this was not due to an absence of users. Even though the site was only launched this August, there do seem to be around 150 profiles already. There are users who, like us, are lesbian couples searching for an active donor but also a wide variety of other set-ups, for example men wishing to donate, heterosexual couples looking for donors and single bisexual women looking for active co-parents.

With a section for us to enter a very detailed user profile, it does appear that this could be the site for us. Whilst our experiences with Scott have somewhat deterred us from meeting random internet users, members of this site are certainly more likely to be serious about parenting.

The site also specialises in selling insemination kits and home pregnancy tests, and provides vital health information for anyone considering home insemination.