Saturday, 18 August 2007

Candidate #9 - Doctor Dave

Last night we met the least appropriate donor yet. We went for a drink with a junior doctor who offered his help by email; we soon discovered that he was rude, disloyal, stupid and scheming.

Doctor Dave has a girlfriend who either doesn't like the idea of him donating sperm to another couple, or doesn't know. Dave kept asking if it would be possible to donate without anybody in his own life finding out. We felt that this was entirely unsuitable because it would make it harder for our child to bond with his or her biological father in the future if he or she wished to. Whilst we're happy not to publish candidates' full names here on our blog, we do want our child to have all the information. We also don't like the sound of a man who cannot be honest with his partner.

He was also unprepared to respect our views on education and child rearing, insisting that if we have a boy, he should attend a public boarding school so that he's around other males. What is the point of having children and then paying someone else to look after them for weeks at a time? The creep even offered us money so that a boy could go to Harrow like he did. What to do should we give birth to a girl however, was completely ignored.

Dave also felt that I should be doing a dull, well-paid job rather than the satisfying part-time work that I currently embark upon. I personally don't think it's any of his business so long as I'm making an honest living and that we have enough money to give our child a good start in life, which we have.

We told Dave we'd go away and think about his offer but Sarah and I both knew he was unsuitable. We later vocalised our decision over the phone and though he seemed surprised by the rejection, it didn't seem to overly bother him.

Pros: intelligent.
Cons: arrogant; rude; dishonest; wants to keep baby a secret from his girlfriend; wants to interfere with child-rearing; doesn't respect us.

Verdict: unsuitable

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