Monday, 22 October 2007

Candidate # 12 - Mark (II)

The more we get to know Mark the happier we feel about having him as our sperm donor. He has a mature attitude towards life and has great faith in our parenting ability. He seems truly committed to our cause and whilst he's firm in his beliefs, he's not at all over-powering, which is just what we need.

"But surely anybody could seem pleasant after only a few weeks." I hear you think, but our first impressions are not all we have to work with. Because Mark is friends with Sarah's brother, we've been able to confirm our good feeling about him by getting opinions from mutual friends. Everyone we've spoken to seems to regard him very highly.

The example that everyone brings up when singing Mark's praises is his relationship with his sister Kim. Their mentally unstable mother walked out them shortly after Kim was born and they were raised by their father who was sadly diagnosed with cancer when Mark was nineteen. Mark suspended his university course to nurse his father and when he tragically died six months later, Mark dropped out of college to look after Kim, then 14.

Not everybody would have sacrificed their own happiness in order to prevent their sister from going into care, particularly not someone as young as Mark was when he made the commitment. He does truly sound like a fantastic person.

Let's just hope that Annie is as understanding as Mark. I can't imagine that she'd be unpleasant, otherwise what would such a grounded person see in her?

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