Friday, 28 September 2007

Candidate # 12 - Mark

Could we have found Mr. Right? Sarah and I have recently built a friendship with one of Sarah's brother's friends, Mark*. He's healthy, 32 and very interested in donating sperm. He has asked that, for now, we don't include too much information about him online as he still needs to discuss the situation with his girlfriend, Annie*. They haven't been together for long but obviously if Mark does donate sperm, it could have an impact on their relationship if they're still together when the baby is born so we need her blessing before we can go ahead. The fact that Annie is currently in the US for six weeks means that we have plenty of time to get to know Mark better before the process can begin. We're just trying not to get our hopes up until we know for certain how Annie will react.

*As with all the posts, names have been changed.

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