Thursday, 19 July 2007

Elucidating Clues to Character

In her article "Never too old" Ruth Mavin Webster writes, on picking sperm from a catalogue:
"Random, unprotected sex with a complete stranger (to loosely quote Austin Powers) would be less of a crapshoot than this. At least sex in the parking lot at closing time is personal. You can see how he holds his beer, can see if he twitches or swears; you may determine what car he drives. These are much more elucidating clues to character than a nameless, faceless stranger on a form. In fact, no photo or video of the donor is provided -- to protect his anonymity."
Whilst we're not planning on random sex, the way a man holds his beer and whether or not he twitches and swears are just the sort of elucidating clues we want to see when evaluating whether or not a man would make a suitable biological father for our child.


El said...

perhaps swearing isn't hereditory.

just a thought

Mary J said...

good point..