Saturday, 21 July 2007

Selling Sperm? No thanks!

Half a dozen readers have expressed an interest in selling us sperm; to those I say thanks but no thanks.

Even if we were morally comfortable with paying a donor (which we're not) we simply don't have the finances for it. We want to use what little savings we have, on giving our child the best possible start in life. By which we mean placing a deposit on a larger property, moving to an area with a better school or purchasing baby equipment, but not spending money on semen.

Generosity is an important quality in a donor. We would like to meet an altruistic person who wants to donate because he feels for our cause and supports our right to have a child, not someone who stepped in purely to make a bit of cash.

However we are grateful that you took an interest, thank you.

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frank said...

I'll make a deposit for free