Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Is it selfish for gay people to have children?

Countless people seem to be attacking us on Usenet with the assumption that we're thinking about ourselves and not our child. Interestingly enough the ones who've said this don't seem to have read our blog and discovered the degree to which we've thought this through.

If we thought there was any chance that our child would wish that he or she hadn't been born, then of course we wouldn't go through with our plans but as it happens, we know that we can raise a happy child who's loved and cared for.

Perhaps there will be a little name calling in school but kids really will latch on to anything if they want to tease somebody. You don't see parents with big ears or acne-prone skin withholding from having children do you?

It's the very people who criticise us for wanting children that could potentially make their lives a misery, not us, the open-minded, thoughtful and loving parents.

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Maggie said...

Best of luck to both of you!